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Deland, Florida 32724
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Held: April 28th, 2018 from 9am-5pm

Cracker Day will continue to be held on the last Saturday in April.  This is the time of year when cattlemen are finishing their spring duties which include processing calves.  The event was originally started as a gathering of local ranchers to join in fellowship and camaraderie and that tradition lives on today.  Here are some future dates of Cracker Day:
2019 - April 27
2020 - April 25
2021 - April 24

Admission: Adults 13+ $20, Kids 6-12 $10, and Kids 5 and under free

With each paid admission, grab a plate of the best BBQ in the south prepared by your very own Volusia County Cattlemen and Cattlewomen, and enjoy an exciting day of rodeo with family and friends!


Registration for morning events will open at 8:00 A.M.
Event Details Cost
T Cloverleaf 8 & Under See Below*
T Cloverleaf 9 thru 15
Note: Jackpot riders cannot ride in this event!
See Below*
T Hollow Log Race 8 & Under See Below*
T Hollow Log Race 9 thru 12 See Below*
T Flag Race Limit 50 Entries See Below*
T Jr. Cow Whip 10 & Under See Below*
T Interm. Cow Whip 11 thru 15 See Below*
T Sr. Cow Whip 16 & Over See Below*

*The cost for all morning events (listed above) is just $5.00.  Yes,  you heard right! You can enter all of the morning events for just $5.00!  NOT $5.00 per event, but $5.00 for ALL of them!  YeeHaw!

Books will close for morning events at 10:00 A.M.
Registration for afternoon events will open at 10:30 A.M.
Some events have a limit to the number of entries, and this will be first come, first served.
Books will close for afternoon events at the start of the preceeding event.
$ Money Grab Report to the arena. No one under 18 years old. FREE
$ Steer Decorating Limit 25 Teams. 16 & Up. $30.00/team
J Jr. Bull Riding Limit 20 Entries. $40.00
J Sr. Bull Riding Limit 20 Entries. 16 & Up. $40.00
T Sack Sled Race Limit 50 Teams. No Double Entry. $20.00
R Greased Pig 8 & Under FREE
R Greased Pig 9 thru 12 FREE
J Sr. Bull Riding 16 & Up $40.00
J Cloverleaf 16 & Up. 20 in Show. Rest in slack after Team Roping. $25.00
R Boot Scramble 5 & Under FREE
T Pick Up Race Limit 50 Teams. No Double Entry. $30.00/team
$ Wild Steer Race Limit 10 Teams. $30.00/team
J Team Roping 1 Head - Roper Switch Once $40.00/team
Slack Jackpot Cloverleaf    
Note: J=Jackpot, T=Trophy, R=Ribbon